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Total Health

Absque sanitate nemo felix

Without good health, no one is happy

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Daddy uses to say that you don't value your health until you are sick. Really, health is one of the most precious  commodities and we often don't pay enough attention to it.

In today's picture, I am doing inhalation with aerolin, a medication for treatment of the respiratory tract, but do not worry, it's nothing serious - just things that every child goes through in the cold of winter.

Below there is a summary of Aunt Laura Gibbs' explanation of today's theme:

"The Latin noun sanitas is based on the adjectival root, sanus, meaning healthy. In English, these words evolved into sanity, sanatorium, and sane which are employed in the field of mental health.

In Latin, sanitas could also refer to mental health, of course. However, it is very interesting how sanity has practically become the exclusive meaning of the word in English. I suppose that this has to do with the fact that the Germanic word health occupied the space devoted to physical healthiness in English, so the word sanity  had to specialize if it wanted to play a vital part in English vocabulary. "
Audio Latin Proverbs, Laura Gibs. Available in:
<>. Accessed on August 12, 2018.

Today's proverb read by Laura Gibbs herself.
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