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Egomet mi ignosco

I myself pardon myself

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Egomet mi ignosco - I myself pardon myself, this is a quotation from Horace (in Satires 1.3.23), a philosopher and one of the greatest poets of ancient Rome.

In the photo,forgive myself for pulling the towel off the table and breaking a cup as the breakfast dishes fell on the floor.
Oh, but do not worry! It was all Daddy's simulation to produce the photo for today's post.
To forgive or not to forgive... Egomet mi ignosco

My daddy told me that as a child he was very astonished to know that babies were already born carrying an immense guilt: such an ancestral sin committed by a guy named Adam. He later discovered that one of the pillars of our civilization is guilt, a harmful feeling that leads to suffering. But he learned to forgive himself and overcame that negative charge.
Fortunately, I was born in other times and I am being educated for responsibility and self awareness, free from so much guilt.

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