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Fratrum concordia rara

Agreement among brothers is rare

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I have two brothers, Max and Rafael, but they are adults and they do not live with me. So it's like I'm an only son. Here at home I have no brothers to fight for toys or to dispute some privilege. Oh, but there in the nursery or when I'm with my cousins we're always fighting.

Daddy told me that he and his nine brothers lived togheter and that the fight was big - it looked like a gang warfare. Imagine, just one TV set to suit so many different interests! Thankfully the number of channels were few at the time. Now things have changed so much that there are more TVs than locals in the house. 😉

The full quote for today isfratrum concordia rara, discrepatio crebra - Agreement among brothers is rarediscord is frequent. And, of course, this applies beyond kinship, and may also refer to disputes between members of the same social group, among compatriots, or even soldiers on the battlefield, as in cases of friendly fire.

Below there is a summary of Aunt 
Laura Gibbs' explanation of today's theme:
The Latin word con-cordia means together-hearts in English. The heart, cor, was not just a seat of sentiment and emotion in Latin, as it is for us ("sweethearts," "heartfelt," etc.), but was also a seat of intelligence and thought. So when there is concordia in Latin, it means people's minds are operating in unison, that they share the same thoughts and intentions, the same hearts."
Audio Latin Proverbs, Laura Gibs. Available in:
<http://audiolatinproverbs.blogspot.com/2007/06/fratrum-concordia-rara.html>. Accessed on August 18, 2018.

Today's proverb read by Laura Gibbs herself.

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